Savouring the silence …

I’m celebrating all the mothering wins in this pic: sitting down with a book while both children are down for their naps *at the same time*, in a tidy house, with a hot cup of tea and my favourite chocolate (that I don’t have to share with tiny people) AND enough time to dick around with some flowers in a jar to make this pretty. WIN!

Further context for consideration, my eldest decided that the day should start at 1:30am (spoiler alert: he’s wrong) and my littlest is in the middle of some crazy growth spurt that means he is permanently on my boob.

So, I’m savouring the silence while I can. Because this too shall pass.

Published by whilemybabiessleep

Former DHT (SEN - Communication & Interaction specialist setting), SENCo and English teacher. Working with children was the best thing I ever did, until I made my own. Now, I’m a mum to two boys and I’m finding my own interests outside of talking tractors, rogue wildlife and cartoon firemen. I’ve always loved reading and now with an interest in personal and family wellbeing and growth, I enjoy reading / listening and learning lessons from those who have come before us and broadening my own perspective on life. I’m trying to have a healthy diet of identities, cultures, experiences and outlooks in the material I read and I read for pleasure, for work and for my own sense of self and sanity.

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